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en·gage   (in-’gāj): 
committed to or 
supportive of a cause
The Institute for Change, P.C.     Jim Thomas, L.M.F.T., Approved Supervisor303.933.9104
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There are times when a couple may chose to participate in a one to two day therapy intensive as an addition to couples therapy or to jump start a course of therapy.  At Engaging Therapy, we have offered these sought after intensives for several years.  Some of the reasons given for chosing a more intensive, focused process include:

*  Highly motivated couples eager to make progress by getting to the "heart  of the matter." 

*  Couples reeling from a breach of trust or emotional injury such as an affair and who need extra
    and intensive support in the wake of the breach or other presenting problem.  

*  Therapists learning E.F.T. or Certified E.F.T. Therapists who want to experience the therapy 
    firsthand as part of their own learning and growth, or who simply want to have a more secure
    emotional bond with their partner (and may not want to work with a local EFT trained therapist).    

The therapy typically goes through the same steps and processes but in a more concentrated form. 

A limited number of intensives are offered by Jim and often book up early.  Intensives take place over Friday and Saturday.  Typically, couples either do a full-day on Friday and half-day on Saturday or two full-days.  Saturday only intensives are not available.  Contact us at instituteforchange981@gmail.com and Kashmira, our scheduling professional, will assist you.  You can also call at 303-933-9014.  

Couples who sign up for an intensive, when possible, typically do a 
Skype or in-person session with Jim to establish goals for the 
time together, assure that each partner's agenda for the meeting 
are compatible, fit an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 
approach, and that each partner is in a place to do this work.  

Couples typically will read Hold Me Tight or at least the first section
of the book by Dr. Sue Johnson up to the 1st Conversation so they 
have some knowledge of E.F.T. and have begun to think about the 
dance of disconnection between them (prior to the intensive).    

Intensives also available for families and for adult children and their 
parents wishing to resolve or heal past conflicts or to deal with a 
difficult life transition.  

Couples from out of town or state, often stay at the Holiday Inn Hotel
right across the street from Jim's office.  On Friday night, some couples will stay close to the hotel while have ventured to Golden, Colorado for dinner and a walk, or to Downtown Denver to explore the 16th Street Mall and downtown.  

As with all therapy, individual results cannot be guaranteed.