COUPLES THERAPY as well as Family and Individual Therapy Services 

From sex and intimacy issues to drifting apart, raising kids, step-family problems or feeling you are in a constant conflict program, close relationships and marriage can be difficult.  And we do not receive training or getting much help from our society in how to navigate intimate relationships.  Much of what we see in the media, movies and sometimes in our own families does not serve our core relationships.  You are in the right place to get support with a number of relationship issues:  

     *  Growing apart
     *  Communication issues
     *  Lack of intimacy
     *  Betrayals and affair recovery
     *  Addiction or substance/alcohol abuse or misuse 

     *  Stuck in a negative cycle or pattern we cannot get out of on our own

     *  Parenting, Step-Parenting issues and conflicts, just worn out raising ki

     *  Trauma, life stressors, losses that divide us or we cannot heal and resolve 

I offer to you in service of your relationship and/or family:

30,000 plus years of direct clinical service provided.

Diverse experience across many areas in the counseling field.

Extensive training in marriage and family therapy.

Teaching experience and therapist trainer for almost 30 years. 

Internationally Certified Trainer, Emotionally Focused Therapy

Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist

Certified as an EFT Therapist & EFT Therapist 

Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Clinical Fellow, AAMFT 


en·gage   (in-’gāj): 
committed to or 
supportive of a cause
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