Sexuality and Intimacy:  Sex is the most intimate form of connection available for many of us.  It can be a deeply personal aspect of our lives.  We can feel very vulnerable or very free in our sexuality.  Building sexual intimacy can foster greater intimacy in the rest of our relationship.  And relational problems can impact our sex lives.  

I provide a “no-touch” approach to treating sexual issues in relationships.  Often a couple's sex life reflects and is impacts the couple's feelings of closeness, safety, and being valued.   

Sex therapy does not involve any sexual intimacy with the therapist or in sessions; that is both illegal and unethical.  It does involve a safe exploration of your sex lives and sexual histories as relevant.  Emotionally Focused Therapy provides a safe context in which to explore your sexual intimacy and concerns.  
Impotence, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, disorder
of desire, unsatisfying sex for one or both partners, “mercy” or
“to-do list” sex, sex-starved marriages, and compulsive sexual
behaviors interfering with the relationship are just some of the
issues treated within a couples counseling relationship.  

Recovering your sex life and establishing safety after a sexual
affair is also a focus of therapy.   Emotional safety and                                                                                closeness leads to a delightful outcome, "Synchrony Sex."  

Life Changes: 
Various life changes can impact or sex lives or emotional intimacy and connection in a relationship.  Even events that we might anticipate with joy, such as the birth of a child, can complicate or hinder our closeness.  Children, for example, require a great deal of our time and attention.  Add that to the modern tendency to be overscheduled and busy plus balancing work pressures, and there is no time left for each other. 

I enjoy helping couples deal with stress or life changes that gets in
the way of intimacy.  Your relationship forms the foundation of your
daily life.  Studies show a strong correlation between relational
happiness and personal happiness. 

Taking care of your relationship will provide innumerable rewards
and satisfaction.  

If you are ready to improve your intimate life with your partner, give
me a call at (303) 933-9104, and we’ll get started on this most
important endeavor.  

“I looked across the room at my wife, ready to blast her again…Jim knew my patterns by now and he intervened.  He asked me to wait one minute before retaliating.  Moments later, I shifted. It hit me how often I had yelled at her in our marriage.  Not normal arguing, but really yelling, putting her down, holding her in contempt.  She had done the same to me.  But, something in me broke open, and instead of yelling, I saw her heart, her hurt.  Maybe one of the toughest things I had ever done.  Listening, I heard not attacks, but her pain.  I grew closer to my wife in that session.  The realization came from me. It would not have happened without a therapist who was willing to get to know us, and have me stop at that right time.  After that session, we began to reconnect.  For that, I will always be grateful to Jim”  
en·gage   (in-’gāj): 
committed to or 
supportive of a cause
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